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The Psycho – Hot Ones Season 18

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HOT, real hot – the newest addition to the Dingo range featuring the newly discovered Mustard X – a bastardised Bhutlah pod from the Moore Veggies farm in Carnarvon, WA. Rivalling the Widow Maker in the heat stakes, this one will sock you where it hurts with a hard and fast burn that takes no prisoners – this sauce is for the serious chilli connoisseur only and should be treated with extreme care.  Good Luck!

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Are game to try the sauce that blasted Post Malone’s brain, befuddled Kevin Bacon and sent 11 (Milly Bobbie Brown) out of this world??  Fresh off the back of it’s appearance on global phenomena HOT ONES, this one is NOT for the casual consumer of chilli.
Featuring the saucy world debut of the Moorestard chilli, this baby’s not for the faint at heart and, dare we say it, may just even give the Widow Maker a run for its money 💥
The chilli is a bastardised Bhutlah variety discovered growing on the Moore veggies farm in Carnarvon. It was an accidental find when Leigh was visiting Karyn & Pompey during the Gascoyne Food Festival in 2019 but has since become notorious for its unforgiving heat and deceptively smooth yet earthy flavour. The chilli itself is a twisted beast of a thing and it’s heat hits hard and fast – a punishing pod that takes no prisoners and very nearly broke Leigh during a recent ‘Farmers Pick’ pod test 😂.
We’re incredibly honoured to have been given exclusive use of the Mustard X for our sauce alchemy and Leigh’s extremely proud of the result.
Soooooooo here it is – a Mustard X fermented hot sauce with a flavour profile that pays homage to Morocco combining a ras el hanout style spice blend with garlic and fresh turmeric and a heat that will sucker punch you in the best possible way.

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