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The Pain Pack

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The hottest thing to leave the Dingo kitchen – our top shelf, EXTREME heat combo pack for the chilli connoisseur only.  Collectively containing the hottest pods on the planet, there’s no denying this trio will  melt faces, blow brains and rock socks BUT not at the expense of a flavourful experience that will leave you coming back for more!


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The Psycho X celebrates a North African flavour palate combining the Mustard X pod with ras el hanout, fresh turmeric and garlic to create a fast and furious punch of heat – a pleasureful sucker punch if we say so ourselves!

The Widow Maker is a marriage of reapers, ghost chilli, 7-pots, scorpions, bhutlahs and douglahs with garlic, cider vinegar and lime producing a slow, sustained burn that’s earned it the title of ‘the everlasting gobstopper of hot sauce’ (thanks Justin Timberlake).

The Barrel Aged Widow Maker has been two years in the making with our usual Widow Maker blend barrel fermented for 12 months and then cask aged in American oak for a further 10 months to produce an oaky, smokey, intense heat that comes on slower than the standard WM but sticks around just as long.


1 x 150ml The Psycho X  – our brand new creation in collaboration with Moore Veggies Carnarvon featuring the Mustard X pod

1 x 150ml Widow Maker – as seen on Hot Ones – the sauce that made Margot Robbie sweat and Will Ferrell cry

1 x 150ml Barrel Aged Widow Maker – Batch 02 – limited edition – Widow Maker barrel fermented for 12 months and cask aged in American oak for 10 months


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