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Dingo Medium Heat Pack

$ 48.00

A perfect combo pack for the entry level chilli sauce fan – enough heat to get those endorphins flowing without the face melting properties of some of our hotter sauces.  Elevate any meal with this taste bud tantalising trio.  Ideal accompaniment for rice, noodles or eggs and a sure fire way to spice up any sandwich.

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Medium Sriracha, Sweet Chilli, Smoked Sriracha

1 x Medium Sriracha 150 ml – Our signature sriracha!  Fermented for 4-6 weeks. Heat Level 6/10

1 x Fermented Sweet Chilli 150 ml -Sweet, sour, salty.  Heat level 6/10

1 x Smoked Sriracha 150 ml – Our signature sriracha with habaneros smoked over apple hickory wood for a deep, dusky finish.  Heat Level 6/10

Small batch, hand crafted, free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. All our sauces are thoughtfully crafted from local ingredients sourced directly from small farmers.  We proudly offer our medium heat pack, healthy, natural, good for your gut and most importantly – DELICIOUS!

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